Buying a Machine for Stick Pack Production

Once the volume of sales has reached a threshold, it's time to consider significant investment into purchasing a stick pack machine.

Purchasing a stick pack machine will help your sales rates and customer rates raise higher than you have ever seen before. These machines not only produce the packages quickly, but very efficiently. Below is a short list of popular stick pack machines for you company to choose from.

Economical Machines: Economical stick pack machines are excellent for any companies in need of packaging powders, granuels, and liquids. This particular machine also offers an easy change over method for parts that give your stick pack different widths and lengths.

Multi-lane Packaging Machines: These multi-lane packaging machines are great for producing large amounts of stick packs. Not only does this machine offer fast production and 70 cycles per minute, but it also offers an affordable rate.

Multiple Design Machines: These machines are able to create all different lengths and widths of stick packs at the same exact time in multiple lanes. Although this machine is a higher price than most stick pack machines, it is surely worth it with the incredible speeds and efficient packaging methods that it offers. For companies looking to produce high quality proucts in a fashionable amount of time, this machine is the most benefial product for you and your company.