What are stick packs and how uses them?


Stick packs are extremely popular to individuals on the go as these products are easily portable. Because of the stick packs petite design, they can be easily stored in purses, pockets, lunch boxes and even in your desk drawers at work. This uniquely designed product makes life on go so much easier by just simply sliding your drink into the pocket of your purse, rather than trying to fit a 1 Liter bottle inside with the rest of your personal items.


Rather than having to carrying around a large bottle or can, you can now conveintly purchase stick packs to solve all of your space consuming issues. Along with the conveinence of carrying aroung the stick packs with ease, they are also an easy to open and mix. All you need to do with stick packs is simply tear at the top of the package and pour the mix into your bottle of water, give it a quick shake and your drink is ready to serve. How much more conveinent can it possibly get? Besides the package also being recycable and easily disposable.


Beverage companies are always looking for new and creative ways to add to there products and what better way to do that than creating stick packs. Every has their favorite drink and as we all know, carrying around mulitple containers of it can be a huge annoyance throughout the day. Because of this negative aspect of beverage containers, companies have created these brilliant and innovative stick packs to not only promote their business with new products, but to give customers the simplicity of being able to carry a large amount of beverages in there purse and bags with no hassle.


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